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It all started at a Georgetown undergrad party in 1991...

Keith Kane was playing a weekly gig at a local club and some people at this party talked him into providing some free entertainment on an acoustic guitar and a small amp that were sitting around. Also at the party was Matt Scannell, who Kane recognized as a member of an electric band called Fallout Shelter. After his song, Kane turned to Scannell and asked him to take a turn. Scannell played "All Along The Watchtower" and impressed everyone. Kane took the chance to ask Scannell to come jam with him at his weekly gig. Scannell had forgotten how much fun it could be to play on an acoustic and quickly agreed to give it a try. With one hour's practice together, Vertical Horizon made their debut later that week as an acoustic duo. Their sound was anchored in folk music and harmonized vocals and their catalog constisted of mostly covers and a few originals.